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Why are there two One28 Apps?

One28 and One28-DJ are two separate applications that work together. One28-DJ is the host app, where DJs or venues can create a party and get paid for accepting and playing song requests made from the One28 app. You must be a professional DJ or a venue owner to be granted access to a One28-DJ account.

- Can I have a One28 and a One28-DJ account?

Absolutely, but not under the same email. Please use a different email than the one you are using for the One28 app when creating a One28-DJ account. One28-DJ account emails must only be used for the One28-DJ app within the One28 ecosystem.

- I am a venue owner, how can I use One28 with my DJ? 

The banking details and currency that the One28-DJ account holder specifies while creating their account are no longer editable from within the app once the account is fully set up. Venue owners can simply share the login details of their One28-DJ account with their DJ. The DJ name and Venue name are inputted as the DJ starts their party, and these will be displayed on the One28 app. The profits will be sent to the uneditable bank account details of the account holder specified during the account creation process. To be extra clear, under no circumstance will the DJ be able to edit those bank details or any important account information from within the DJ app.
If you want to edit the banking details of your One28-DJ app please contact us directly. 

- I am a venue owner with multiple venues, how can I use One28 with my DJs? 

You can request multiple sign up pins to create multiple One28-DJ accounts under different emails - one for each Venue - and share those login details with the DJ of the corresponding Venue. One account can only host one party at a time, so if you have multiple venues working with One28, you will need multiple One28-DJ accounts. Do not hesitate to contact us at for us to create your various One28-DJ venue email addresses that you can then use to create accounts on the One28 DJ app. We remain at your entire disposal for any further information or assistance.

- Which currencies do the apps support?

One28 apps support EUR, USD and GBP currencies. The account holder of the One28-DJ app will set the currency for their account during the sign up process, and will no longer be editable post account creation. Song requests will be charged in the currency specified by the One28-DJ account holder, and the account holders bank account will be credited in that same currency.

- How do I advertise One28 to my audience?

By letting your audience know that you are using One28-DJ, they will download the One28 app and be able to connect to your party and request songs seamlessly. If need be, we have a whole team that specializes in One28 event promotions. We can send you flyers, promotional media content and more. Once partygoers have downloaded One28, they will easily be able to see which parties are live around them.

- How long does it take for the funds to be credited to the account holders bank account? 

The funds are collected when the DJ plays and marks the song request as played within the app. The funds will arrive within 3 days for USD and 7 days for EUR&GBP after the One28-DJ host ends the party within the app. The account holder will receive a SMS the second the funds are on the way to their bank. The whole process is automized by Stripe Limited®, a third party payment processor.

- Are there any fees?

For DJs and Venues, there are no upfront fees. One28 charges only a 20% fee on the revenue generated by played song requests.

- What happens when a request is denied?

If the DJ denies a request, the partygoer who requested it is automatically refunded. If the DJ ends a party without marking a requested song as played on the request inbox screen, the refund will also take place. One28 store the funds until the request is marked as played, hence partygoers can request songs in total confidence. 

- What is the % split between the Venue and the DJ?

That is completely up to the account holder (DJ or Venue/Entity).

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