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One28 revolutionizes the economic model of DJs. This startup enhances nightlife experiences by allowing clubbers to interact with the DJ and suggest a song.

One28 quickly gained international recognition less than a year after its launch party in Monaco. Founded by Adrien Crastes, One28's mission is to facilitate the listening of customers' favorite songs in nightclubs, events, and other venues by simply scanning a QR code, proposing a song to the DJ, and leaving a tip. If the DJ rejects the request, the deposited amount is instantly refunded.

Adrien's journey to solve this problem began with obtaining a degree in Mathematics and Economical Mathematics from Bucknell University in the United States, where he was an NCAA Division 1 student-athlete in tennis. Adrien also contemplated ways to bring DJs closer to their audience. In 2017, he realized that an app for DJs was the perfect solution. Driven by his desire to deepen his knowledge, Adrien decided to pursue further studies at the Institute of Financial Science and Insurance in France, where he is currently working towards an actuarial degree while simultaneously managing One28. 

"One28 solves a very common frustration: how to easily request your favorite songs from DJs in the most optimal way for everyone. It's obvious that DJs do an amazing job selecting music during the night, but with hundreds of people present, they can face difficulties when it comes to playing the audience's favorite songs. This app facilitates that communication so they can bring members of the audience to their 128bpm more often—the heartbeat of euphoria and pleasure, as well as the most popular BPM in music."

Source: Forbes

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